December, 2004

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Our Family

Deborah and I have been married since May, 1992. We have been blessed with three children, the youngest of whom still lives with us in London. In the photo on the left we are pictured with our children. Also included are my brother-in-law and sister-in-law with her youngest son (in yellow).

Deborah and Me in Israel
Deborah and me in Israel on a Jeep tour, August 2008.

Parrots come home
An amazing feat of overcoming bureaucracy through much hard work, and many prayers answered, culminates in the arrival of our parrots Ernie (left) and Charlie from Seattle to London. Credit goes to the Lord who answered our prayers and to my amazing wife. Possibly the first parrots legally exported from Seattle via the airport since CITES regulations were instituted. Flossie watches warily. She knows better than to interfere.

Papa's family
Japan, circa 1940. Jack and Victoria Nessim with Albert, Elie (my father) and Joy, in Kobe, Japan, where they lived.

Sammy, playing up a storm on the beachfront.

Rivka, Ben, and me
Ben, Rivka, and me in Mission, BC.

Qeshet Rappelling
It was scary at first, but not as bad as the long walk back up! Rappelling at Qeshet Cave, Israel.